Nail Care

Your hands and feet deserve some relaxation. Our salon offers luxurious services that are customized to your specific needs, including nail care, cuticle treatment, and perfect nail polish. Refresh and beautify your hands and feet with one of our many available treatments.

Lovely Nails

We will make your nails look beautiful with our cutting-edge nail care services. Our nail care specialists have years of experience in advanced nail care treatments and are able to cater the service according to your unique needs.

Price List

With our cutting-edge nail care treatments, we will enhance the beauty of your nails beyond your expectation. As an experienced beauty salon, we offer an extensive range of nail care services that include manicure, French pedicure, color gels and much more. So, pay a visit to our salon and feel the difference!




French Manicure




French Pedicure


Color Gels

$40.00 and Up

LCN Full Set


LCN Fill Regular


LCN Fill French